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Helen Keller was a healthy child who had a high fever which caused her to become deaf and blind at the age of 19 months. No longer could she see nor hear. She could recognize people by feeling of their faces or their clothes. And she could learn some things this way, such as milking a cow, for example.

She made up signs with her hands so she could "talk" to her family, to ask them for things: bread, icecream,...  

Helen was a very bright child. She became very frustrated because she couldn't talk. She became very angry and began to behave in a naughty way.

The family found a teacher named Anne Sullivan  to help her.
Miss Sullivan herself had been blind, but had an operation and regained her sight. She understood what Helen was feeling.

She taught Helen the signs for the letters of the alphabet. Then she would "spell" the words in Helen's hand to communicate  with her.

Once she was able to communicate, Hellen stopped her bad behaviour. Se learned to read Braille. She even went to college with her teacher, Anne, who translated everything the college teachers said into signs she tapped out in Hellen's palm.

While she was in college she wrote her book called "The Story of My Life". She became famous and traveled around the world speaking to groups of people. Helen Keller was successful because of her determination. However, many people helped her. The most important person in her life was Anne Sullivan who stayed with her for 50 years.



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